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THE USBF AND USBF+ Central Florida Fall Classic
Athlete Waiver

Please Review and Sign the Athlete Waiver

In consideration of accepting this entry, I hereby intend to be legally bound for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, and waive and release any and all right and claims for damages I may have against the United States Bodybuilding Federation, United Sates Bodybuilding Federation Plus, Lake Mary Highschool, On The Move Fitness LLC, Rick Pierre, and any and all Event Staff, Volunteers, and Sponsors for any injuries and or losses suffered by me a result of my participation and or attendance at the 2024 USBF and USBF+ Central Florida Fall Classic. I waive all compensation for the use of my pictures, likenesses, or videos in all use. I agree that Email and Social Media Accounts submitted may be shared to affiliates for advertising and marketing purposes. I agree to accept the results of a Polygraph and or Drug Test and if I request any further investigation, it will be at my own expense.

Thanks for submitting!

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